My Stanadyne Experiences Since November 10, 2009
(Due to disclosure agreement with Stanadyne, I cannot discuss events prior to 11-10-2009)

1)      On or shortly after 11-10-2009 Replaced Defective Authorized Stanadyne Remanufactured Fuel Injection Pump (Threw codes but was PMD) Serial 9767624 from IFS International with BRAND NEW Fuel Injection Pump from Stanadyne direct serial 14943147

This is the REMANUFACTURED IFS Injection Pump purchased through AM General for $ 2700 or so installed that went bad
sent back for second rebuild and came back with a NEW PMD I still have in BOX. PS IFS said nothing wrong with pump

This is the NEW PUMP (REPLACING THE IFS REMANUFACTURED IP), Stanadyne arranged for me at Diamond diesel for $ 995 that went bad 2-3 weeks after install
in November 2009, FAILED FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER 2009

2)      First week of December driving back from Virginia City down Geiger Grade in Reno on a weekend with my family, H1 stalls out. Geiger Grade is a 2 lane steep highway with cliffs. VERY SCARY. Called Julio (Hummer Technician at Winkel) and suggested I change lift pump and fuel filter first and on Monday he would scan with Tech 2.

3)      Changed Fuel Filter (Was Clean) and Lift Pump (AC Delco # EP1000 / GM # 15754298)

4)      Monday went to Julio to scan with Tech 2, NO CODES

5)      Off and On shuttering (Hick cupping) started

6)      Replaced Accelerator Pedal (AC Delco # 213-2820 / GM # 15751307)

7)      Still shuttered and off and on stall

8)      Ran Clear tubing across windshield to check for air (NO AIR)

9)      Replaced Turbo Waste Gate Solenoid

10)  Checked entire wire harness, plugs and connectors from PCM to Injection pump and sealed with dielectric grease

11)  Replaced Lift Pump again

12)  Made lots of test drives with Julio and he experienced shuttering and stalling

13)  Ran Tech 2 for readings during stall

14)  I ran snapshot tool during failures

15)  Replaced Lift Pump again

16)  Replaced Accelerator Pedal again

17)  Replaced Fuel Selector Valve (FORD F5TB-9F271-AA / AM General 6005966)

18)  Replaced Ignition

19)  Checked Crankshaft Sensor (Would have thrown code)

20)  Took several transmission shops on test rides, they verified the stall out is not from torque convertor

21)  Mid April 2010 Richard Wallock AM General Flew Out and experienced shuttering and stalling

22)  Richard verified not transmission but either Fuel Supply, PCM or Injection Pump (PMD/FSD)

23)  Richard did mention very small chance my equipment could be interfering but very unlikely

24)  Richard doubted Injection Pump since IT WAS NEW

25)  Richard suggested to remove fuel tanks

26)  More tests with bypass cans, ran better but still stalled out

27)  More Clear Tubing on windshield in different connections to rule again air out

28)  Checked Fuel Volume

29)  Checked Fuel Pressure

30)  Remove ALL my electronic equipment inside H1 to rule out EMI

31)  Remove Fuel Filter Bowl and cleaned it

32)  Installed again a new fuel filter

33)  Removed Auxiliary Fuel Tank found bulge by lift tube

34)  Removed Main Fuel Tank found another defect, slosh guard broke

35)  Replaced ALL fuel lines

36)  Replaced Selector Valve again

37)  Replaced Main Fuel Tank

38)  Replaced Auxiliary Fuel Tank

39)  Replaced Lift Pump again

40)  Still Shuttering and Stalling

41)  Ran Clear Tubing again checked for air, PASSED AGAIN

42)  Checked Oil Pressure Switch


44)  Relocated and reinstalled ALL INSIDE ELECTRONICS SINCE NO EMI ISSUE


46)  Had massive stall outs in traffic and just driving

47)  Called Mark Dionne again And demanded a new pump AGAIN to replace the CURRENT NEW INSTALLED PUMP

48)  Mark had the nerve to say, “Just because I send you out a new pump, does not mean it wont fail again and if the problem goes away, it could be just unplugging and reconnecting it” What do you think the first thing we did was,,,,,,,,,CHECKING ALL HARNASSES AND CONNECTIONS. Stanadyne will say anything other than it’s their pump. Let’s blame everything other then the Fuel Injection Pump or PMD.

49)  Drove away from Winkel, stalled right in front of Julio and he stated DEFINITELY PMD, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED! Ran temp PMD for 15 minutes, NO ISSUES!

50)  Stanadyne had Fuel Injection Pump Production issues, got delayed a week

51)  06-05-10 Installed NEW STANADYNE REPLACEMENT INJECTOR PUMP, Relocated PMD with the Accurate Diesel PMD Relocation Kit, PROBLEM SOLVED FOR NOW, NO MORE ISSUES through 07-16-2010 (Today)

My RELOCATE - I probably will install a Heath Diesel one as well and use this as a back up. I was told, despite that this is modifying
an electronic device that controls emissions equipment that is not certified, that the best place to mount a relocation kit on an H1
is on the front cross member in front of the front differential. That will become my PRIMARY relocate kit and this one above will become
a SECONDARY should the PRIMARY fail and all I have to do is swap a plug. I will just have to find the best way to weather seal one end
of the SECONDARY extension open end wire. I think using an original plug off the IP is the best way and cut the wires and just use the

Due to Stanadyne insisting IT IS NOT THEIR NEW PUMP, I literally believed them and did all the things mentioned merely because I too, could not imagine A NEW PUMP WOULD FAIL 2 weeks after install. Guess what, the PMD they claim is “Bulletproof” is not, a damm BB Gun will knock it out. In reality, it is the heat that does it. Stanadyne NAMES everything else but their PMD/FSD. If they could blame my dog they would.

JUST TODAY 07-16-2010 right after I pulled in H1 into my garage from my trip back to SF, I popped the hood and felt the relocated PMD, it was warm, I felt the FSD cooler (PMD Cooler) and it was hotter and I felt the injection pump, IT WAS SCORCHING HOT!!!!!!!!! THAT IS A FACT! So by my touch test, the FSD COOLER WINS OVER the INJECTION PUMP HANDS DOWN. 

Since 06-05-10, I have made 7-9 trips from Reno to SF and Back in high temperatures, major traffic, hills and so on and NO STALLS!!!!! I know it is a matter of time until it stalls again since the PMD’s fail and am planning until the NHTSA forces a RELIABLE FIX or solution that is certified with EPA Standards (AFTERMARKET PMD’S AND COOLERS, MODIFY OR REPLACE A CERTIFIED ELECTRONIC DEVICE THAT CONTROLS AN EMISSION PART AND THOSE AFTERMARKET PARTS ARE NOT APPROVED OR CERTIFIED YET TO DO THAT!)

 To summarize my Dangerous events from Early December 2009 to the first Week of June, 2010

1)      Geiger Grade in Reno, Stall out with family

2)      SF Going down Willard almost hit car in front of me packed with kids due to stalling

3)      Probably 40-50 stall outs and shuttering on freeways in dangerous places like no shoulders or blind curves

I still drive, NOT ENJOYING MY VERY EXPENSIVE VEHICLE since I am expecting it to stall and it is very nerve racking wondering when or if I am going to be able to make it home after a failure or even crash or even kill someone. If I did not own a six figure truck, it would NOW be at the auto wrecker and I would still complain!

On EVERY H1 I have owned, I have had multiple injection pump replacements and honestly, it was probably the PMD instead of the pump. THESE ARE COSTLY REPAIRS!

Note: I also filed NHTSA Complaint on 10-28-2009 Case # 200760 (NO RESPONSE OR ACTION AS OF NOW)